For every two hours of regular tuition - we provide one hour of subsidised tuition to students on the Learn Free scheme. 


Learn Free is our sister charity which attempts to redress the educational imbalance in present in London schools by providing tutors and mentors to children in school, who would otherwise be unable to afford one-to-one tuition. 

Providing one-to-one tuition, classroom support, mentoring and other educational opportunities to students who would otherwise be unable to afford such support 

All children deserve to be equipped with the skills to think creatively; the empathy to share with others; the sureness of opinion and the humility to accept when they are wrong; the confidence to give advice freely when its asked for and the gratitude to embrace it when it’s given.


How do we fund Learn Free?

We put 10% of all London Academy profits into the Learn Free bursary account.

An optional 10% premium is added to fees and directed to the same bursary account.

You can opt out of this when you pay your first invoice, or can pay whatever you like to help this good cause.


What are the Objectives of Learn Free?

Learn Free has a couple of simple objectives:

• To advance the education of children and young adults by providing teachers and tutors schools to help with core numeracy and literacy lessons.

• To advance the education and life prospects of children and young adults by providing mentors and counsellors to support them in post-secondary school learning and career development.

• To advance the education of children and young adults by providing training to parents to improve the learning support they can offer their child at home.


Those of our tutors who have the privilege of working with these students are also expected to offer their time at a reduced rate, and occasionally to offer their time for free.


Children who fail to adapt to the classroom environment have significantly reduced opportunities to flourish in life. This is something that we at the Academy are committed to changing. We understand that the causes for dissociation or oppositional behaviour are wide-ranging, but we believe that consistent compassionate mentoring can go a long way to addressing apparently deep held problems with authority. Success in personal tutorials can be furthered in intimate group settings, setting a tone for the children to become independent learners within their school environments